The Industry Overview Dashboard v1

After the initial success of the datagraphics I designed for Euromonitor International, in 2010 the decision was made to turn to an interactive version that could apply to the nearly thirty syndicated datasets published by the company. The interactive version, which eventually evolved into a few versions because of differences in the data structures, became known as the Industry Overview Dashboard.

The principle of the deep-dive drove the overall design. I designed a panel of drawers on the left-hand side that provided a hierarchical navigation of industries, their categories, and their sub-categories. Once a user selected a category he or she explored a geographic map of a market's forecast growth. If a market appeared interesting, the user could dive into the market by clicking on the map and then revealing data specific to the market, including its size in both absolute and per capita, historic growth, the percentile rank for each, and year-over-year growth comparisons.

But deep-diving also meant moving down the category selection panel. Once a category was selected, the user could dive deeper into the category by examining the companies in the markets and/or the channels of distribution. And then for any of the views, we provided links into the syndicated database so users could directly access views of the statistical data as well as links to any related reports.

The Category View displayed market growth rates as well as data on the size and ranking of selected markets

The Company View offered market data for the 15-largest companies (globally) in the selected market

The Channel View showed which distribution outlets were important, growing, or shrinking for the selected market