About Me

I am Brendan Barry, the designer behind the work and thoughts you see on this site. Presently, I work as the Head of Design at Euromonitor International, a London-based market research company. Some of the work presented here represents my seven years there, but other work represents my personal, private design work.

The site also links to my blog coffeespoons.me, which focuses on data visualisation and information design. I try to post every weekday and share work I find either in print or on the web that exemplifies good design or provides a case study as why not to do things.

When I step away from design, genealogy and family history keeps me going. Part of my family settled and grew up in the small town of Ganister, Pennsylvania. I have been researching the town and how it fits into Rusyn migration from what is today Slovakia into western Pennsylvania. Time permitting, I maintain a site I designed and built to showcase my work in that area: ganisterpa.com.

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