Industry Overview Dashboard

Goal: create a new data-driven, interactive, web-based application, or dashboard, for Euromonitor International’s Passport product offering. The application should display market size, share, and growth for fast-moving consumer goods, some durable goods, and select demographic, econometric, and socioeconomic categories.

I designed a “dashboard”, which became a template and requirement for any new offerings by Euromonitor International. For most, we successfully integrated the new data coverage into the architecture of the Industry Overview Dashboard (IOD). However, for some “industries”, I would need to later design new dashboards, e.g. Cities, Industrial, and Survey.

Front-end Team

  • Product owner
  • Designer
  • Developer
Skills Applied

  • Information design
  • UX/UI design
  • Data visualisation
The selected category view of the Industry Overview Dashboard

A Product Design Success Story

My earlier datagraphic work proved maps generated engagement with clients and prospective clients, consequently the IOD centres its experience around a map. The dashboard’s success as a standard, syndicated offering led to its use in unexpected places. Business development teams pointed to it as a unique selling point for Passport as well as a tool for demos. Other internal teams trained staff on Passport data, features, and coverage. And analysts reviewed high-level figures and trends.

Beyond its syndicated success, clients ordered bespoke versions via Euromonitor Consulting for visual overviews of their own industry. Sometimes a consulting deal offered a dashboard as a high-level overview of the overall project’s findings. Other times, clients even worked with us to integrate their own data into their own dashboards.

Dashboard Offerings

  • 30+ industries (syndicated)
  • Bespoke offerings for clients (via Euromonitor Consulting)

Average Dashboard

  • 100+ categories
  • 80 countries
The default load view of the Category View of the Industry Overview Dashboard, the largest market for the whole industry

Category View

As the default and most-used overview, the Category View gives users their first insights into the selected industry. The choropleth map displays size (total and per capita) and growth (historic and forecast), but I provided global and regional context to the side of the map via sums for the selected category.

From the map or a selection menu, the user selects a country to explore, for which an additional in depth panel can be opened. By default the map shows geographies at the country level, however, the user can select predefined regions and global values for in depth data at higher levels. Links throughout the display allow users to either export the current view or jump into Passport’s data tables and main offering.

The Category View of the Industry Overview Dashboard with the map zoomed in

Company View

The Company View provides users data and information about the leading companies in the selected categories within an industry. Data about the company’s market (size and share), its positional rank, and growth (historic and forecast) can all be viewed through the standard map, scatter plot, and bar chart views available in the Category View.

When the user opens the Explore in Detail panel, he or she can see how the selected company performs in the selected market across several metrics. Additionally, the panel shows how the company’s market performance compares to the market overall and where the company ranks amongst the market’s top-20 companies.

Channel View

The third overview of an industry explores the channels available, i.e. where a category’s goods or services are bought and sold. As with the Category and Company Views, a default map presents the size and growth of a channel, with a scatter plot and a bar chart available as alternate views. 

Explore in Detail for the Channel View uses a hierarchical diagram showing the constituent elements of a channel, e.g. grocery retailers as part of the broader retailing channel.

The Explore in Detail view of the Channel View of the Industry Overview Dashboard