Industrial Dashboard

Goal: create a new data-driven, interactive, web-based application, or dashboard, for the launch of Euromonitor International’s then-new Industrial coverage for Passport.

Passport Industrial focused on a handful of countries and my previous map-based framework used for the Industry Overview Dashboard no longer sufficed. Instead I began from scratch, ultimately settling on a tree map depicting the size and growth of various sectors of a country’s entire economy.

Design Team

  • Product owner
  • Designer
  • Developer
Skills Applied

  • Information design
  • UX/UI design
  • Data visualisation
The selected category view of the Industrial Dashboard

The piece provides an overview of a country’s economy using ISIC codes, utilising a different methodology from Euromonitor International’s consumer good market data. The application handles three distinct views with the Across Countries view showing a particular segment of an economy via a tree map. The tree map then compares that segment across 18 countries, selected from the world’s largest economies. I designed this view in particular for scalability, because whilst the dataset started with 18 countries, at my last count the design accommodated 68.

The second view shows the segment of one country’s economy against all other segments. Depending on the country, this data might extend down four levels, which we termed division, section, industry, and category. The tree map uses hierarchy to show the relationship between parent and child, but more importantly the size and growth of an economic segment. Because the squares become small, especially at the fourth level, I included a function allowing the tree map to expand. The expansion displaces the market statistics on the right-hand side.

The third view highlights the flow of a supply chain, from initial sources to ultimate buyers. Due to the more complicated nature of the flow, I included language atop the display to guide users along the path with the costs ultimately turning into market size at the selected segment for the selected country. The bottom of the view includes a breadcrumb trail to help users return to one part of the tree should they fall too far down the rabbit hole.







An expanded view of the Across Categories view of the Industrial Dashboard, comparing all sectors of a country's economy to each other.
The Buyer/Supplier view of the Industrial Dashboard