Euromonitor International Website

I oversaw the direction and design of the website for Euromonitor International, a London-based market research firm. My product team comprised designers and researchers both in Chicago and London and I collaborated daily with development teams located in India, Lithuania, and South Africa to ensure the website’s success. The site provided information about the business and its product offerings, primarily Passport and Euromonitor Consulting, and offered market research reports directly to consumers via an online shop.

My Function

  • Brand owner
  • Product owner
  • Creative director
  • UX/UI designer
Skills Applied

  • Design leadership
  • Design management
  • Brand design
  • Editorial design
  • Product design
  • UX/UI design
The homepage of Euromonitor International

2 million

Page views per month

£2 million

Revenue per annum

A Global Team for a Global Product

My team and I worked out of two offices, with most of my team situated in Chicago, but also in London. Additionally I creatively directed and project managed a designer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. I worked closely with London-based ownership and leadership, and management and development teams located primarily in Bangalore, India; Vilnius, Lithuania; Capetown, South Africa; and London.

As the product owner, I met regularly with company owners and leadership to shape the direction of the website, incorporating strategic goals along with user feedback. On a day-to-day level, I met twice weekly with globally-distributed development and management teams to ensure design objectives were met within established sprint development cycles. I directly led a team of UX researchers and designers and collaborated daily with business analysts and project managers to develop and monitor roadmaps for short-, medium-, and long-term product enhancements and evolution.

I worked with my brand and product teams and fostered inter-team communication, ensuring all parties were aware of the website’s goals and objectives. Thus we aligned the design of the website to the broader brand, key product offerings, and branded non-web products and collateral.

I directed the overall look and feel of the website—and corporate brand—assisting my designers with developing style guides for use company-wide. These allowed my teams and others to design, develop, and launch microsites and additional web-based content for marketing and promotional purposes.

My Product Team

  • 1 Product owner
  • 2 UX researchers
  • 1 UX/UI designer