The Survey Dashboard v3

I designed the Survey—later known as Lifestyles—Dashboard for Euromonitor International in 2015. It serves as customers’ means of accessing syndicated consumer survey data, as well as visually exploring said data, and then downloading it. From a technology standpoint, the piece represents the first attempt by Euromonitor International to design and launch an HTML5 and web standards-ready interactive data-driven application.

The user selects a topic of questions that share the same type of answers so all can be displayed together. Those answers can then be viewed in a number of different ways, though they default to three primary types: by age, by gender, and by geography. These can then be supplemented by a custom comparison built using any one of a number of different types. Additionally, the custom comparison allows users to cross-tab the data by as many as three comparison types.

Data can be viewed either in a single-year format or, if the question is tracked on a yearly basis, via a dot plot that shows how consumers’ answers have changed over time. The single-year format for answers depends upon the type of question. Several different chart types are available and are defined by the application.

The default view shows the answers for a single question within a topic

Different topics use different visualiation formats

Some topics and questions are tracked over time and can show data over multiple years

The user can build custom comparisons to explore detailed breakdowns of the data

The design uses typographic qualities to distinguish the hierarchies within a complex custom comparison view

The non-Flash nature of the dashboard allows the long tables of custom comparison results to scroll down the user's page