The Survey Dashboard v1

In 2012 I designed version 1 of Euromonitor International’s Survey dashboard. The project needed to showcase the new syndicated product the company launched. However, unlike many of the other new syndicated projects, survey data did not fit the standard dashboard model that accounted for sizes, growths, and shares.

We considered a number of options before eventually settling on the design showcased in the screenshots shared here. We grouped survey questions by topic, because they shared a structure for their answers that allowed us to design a single visualisation type around the structure. From that point we determined the most likely flow users would want centred upon geographic differences and then from there differences within countries.

In the first panel view we called A/B, users selected questions from a topic in the A section. That loaded the answers for the available countries in the B section. These geographic differences served as the launching point into the C section, which the user triggered by selecting a geography. There the user could explore those intra-country differences based on a number of demographic sets.

The first panel view displays the available questions for the selected topic, sorted by geography

Different topics use different types of visualisation depending upon the format of the questions and their answers

From the first panel, the user can move into a more detailed view of a particular country