Passport Brand

Passport is the core product offering of Euromonitor International. It provides access to the data and insights the company publishes on a syndicated basis. Prior to 2010, the product had no brand of which to speak. Instead the name was simply set in Verdana and it looked very similar to the corporate website. We made the decision to push the Passport brand before that of the company brand and design an entire brand around the core product.

The signature’s mark consists of a misshapen pie chart. The six pieces represent the six regions Euromonitor International covers: Africa & the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Australasia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, North America, and Western Europe. The two-colour split represents the idea of hemispheres, either north/south or east/west, as well as the split between developed/emerging markets. The angles dividing the slices, while not exact, are derived from the Earth’s axial tilt. Finally, the differently sized slices represent the fact that Passport incorporates multiple, disparate datasets from fast-moving consumer goods, to macroeconomic statistics.