Euromonitor International Softball Teams

In 2015 I took over the clipboard of Euromonitor International’s two Chicago softball teams: one coed and one men’s. Among the many things I did after taking over, I set about branding the two teams.

The coed team became the Fountainheads.

Their name drew upon the Euromonitor International logo, derived from Buckingham Fountain in front of which the team plays in early summer. And since the team was full of the people who represent the head of that fountain of knowledge, the name Fountainheads seemed appropriate.

The men’s team became the Premium Ballers.

Their name drew upon one of the company’s new defining characteristics: being premium in all that we do. The baller term played upon the obvious reference to people performing at elite levels.

Both teams were to be unified by a baseball cap that would have born the letter E in a traditional baseball script. However, after printing the various new t-shirts, the caps were out of budget.

The Fountainheads t-shirt

The Premium Ballers t-shirt