In 2009 Euromonitor International hired me to design and produce data-driven content, infographics was the preferred term. However, I quickly realised that the term datagraphic far more aptly described the product I designed. Information comes from experience applied to data. I designed content that, more often than not, simply showcased data instead of information, which is still very important and valuable. But that subtle difference inspired me to create the term datagraphic.

Since 2009 I have designed likely hundreds of datagraphics. Ask me to choose a favourite, and it becomes quite difficult. So as I develop this site, I will likely change the ones I select. But, the first (actually the second) is always the best. This piece attempted to explain consumer behaviour during the recession in the late oughts, that of trading down the value chain.

Ca. 2009, an explanation of the trading down behaviour during the recession

Ca. 2009, an examination of the G2, then a new-ish term for Chinese-American trade relations

Ca. 2015, an examination of British economic performance in the run-up to the British general election

Ca. 2016, a look at the growing importance of bottled water in the global drinks market

Ca. 2016, a look at the top markets and trends in the foodservice industry