My Personal Christmas Card, 2015 ed.

For the 2015 edition of my Christmas card, I wanted to blend design for transit systems and holiday imagery. I developed the concept of a North Polar transit agency and then set out to design its brand. I studied the branding of various transit agencies throughout the world and eventually settled on a mark and colour palette that would work.

From there I started to develop imagery and graphics alongside stories and jokes, but within the framework of the brand I had designed. But, due to the nature of print deadlines, I realised that a full exploration of the intended jokes required a digital supplement to the card. And so I designed and built a website you can see here.

Ultimately, the piece included a trifold brochure, envelope, transit card, website, and Twitter account (found here).

The full suite of collateral, except the website

A closer look at the internal spread's layout and content, with the transit card inserted