Andy Warhol Event

In my spare time I am on the board of the Lake Michigan Chapter of the Carpatho-Rusyn Society, which works to promote and preserve the culture of the Carpatho-Rusyns. The chapter hosted an event on Andy Warhol, arguably the most important or at least well-known Rusyn artist. Because the organisation is a non-profit without a large budget, I donated my time and services to create invitations and collateral promoting the event. I focused on the digital invitations via e-mail and a blog post. However, a significant number of members do not have e-mail and so printed invitations were also required.

I drew a portrait of Warhol and used that as the focus of the piece. At that point I decided to use silver and black for the colour scheme and costed out a silver foil on black cardstock. I donated the cost of a small-volume run of 150 cards and envelopes to the organisation and brough the digital invitations to life via print. Shortly thereafter the organisation needed additional print materials to distribute at local churches. So I adapted the print design for laser printers in two versions. I turned the silver into a light grey to be printed on black, but in order to reduce the cost of toner, I inverted the colours and created a straight black-and-white version.